digARTal art is an artistic style of photography that uses digital technology (during and post exposure) as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. Since the 1990’s when it first became more popular, some photographer resisted the digital evolution and preferred to hang on to the analogue process. For me, I embraced this new technology as it allowed my creative process to develop in an exponential manner.

The impact of digital technology has transformed my activities such as infrared photography, mono and colour, post processing techniques, new exposure processes including bracketing, multiple exposure, HDR to name a few. My use of the term digARTal photographer is used to describe images that make use of digital technologies in the production of art. In an expanded sense, “digARTal” is contemporary photography that uses the methods  including digital and analogue processes and presents these images in an artistic format.

Recently Mark has decided to link all his photography digital editing experience together.

To view a gallery images from the various digital formats, click on a links below:

  • digARTal – gallery of images as well as artwork photography for the professional and amateur artist

  • infrascapes – infrared landscapes that capture invisible light that falls on our landscape

  • droneART – images and videos captured with the Phantom 4 Pro drone.

  • streetmeet – people images captured at various locations

  • bunya spires – our house on the hill surrounded by state national park